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Posted July 13th 2015

Festivals 2015

It’s festival season //// 2015!

Take a look at which ones the team is looking forward to:


Extranormal‘s Contrapop – 21-23rd August in Ramsgate, Kent looks exciting and diverse for a festival, with the kinds of great artists promoters such as Dictionary Pudding and Spirit of Gravity put on in Brighton.

Looking forward to the annual Two/Three/Four Festival on the 29th August at The Green Door Store in Brighton it’s always a time to celebrate the interesting – mainly Brighton-based – bands in town and to discover new ones.

Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia – 25/26th September 2015 – various rooms in an old warehouse off the centre of Liverpool, filled with all genres on the psych spectrum. Our very own InnerStrings, based out of Lewes, will be createing amazing visual journeys in each room -after last year’s festival, I had a large smile on my face for two weeks – who needs drugs!


SUPERNORMAL (7-9 Aug / Braziers Park, Oxfordshire)

‘Experimental arts and music festival offering a platform for artists, performers and musicians to work collaboratively and creatively for a new kind of audience seeking experiences out of the mainstream. Determinedly small and intimate with an audience of 1,500 and born from a place that values the currency of ideas and imagination rather than commercialism and profit’.


‘Deep jazz from leading artists from the US, Europe and the UK, presented over two days in an intimate venue by the sea. The festival seeks to redress the gender imbalance present in too many jazz festivals, by inviting key women in avant-jazz to perform. It also encourages specially commissioned collaborations – this year, a one-off transatlantic meeting of 21st century spiritual jazz masters’.

COLOUR OUT OF SPACE (Autumn 2015 / Sallis Benney Theatre and Phoenix, Brighton)

‘Festival of experimental music and its crossover into other artforms, since 2006 it has played host to some of the most visionary musicians, sound artists and filmmakers of the last forty years’.


END OF THE ROAD FESTIVAL 4/5/6 September @ Larmer Tree Gardens
I’m actually not a huge fan of the whole conventional festival camping/mud/go-and-see-bands-but-not-really-take-in-the-whole-experience experience, but I may make an exception because this year’s EOTR looks pretty cool. Firstly it’s going to be Sufjan Stevens’ first UK festival, and anything Sufjan related I’m very likely to be at. The other acts playing who are tipping the scales for going:  East India Youth, Saint Etienne, Du Blonde, DRINKS, Nadine Shah,  Stealing Sheep.