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Posted March 31st 2017

Folkestone’s FIRST Psychedelic music festival begins

This Saturday, from the producers of Lewes Psychedelic Festival, we bring you the very first Psychedelic Festival in Folkestone – > This is Psychedelia!

Psychedelic music has made an explosive and creative resurgence in the past few years in the UK, and this is just the latest addition and progression to that. Part of a long-line of major psych festivals (Liverpool, Lewes, Portsmouth), Folkestone emerges and collides in the brilliant Quarterhouse, part of the Creative Foundation, the centre of all things cultural. Along with support from the local indie record shop Hot Salvation, we’ve combined everything under one roof with a variety of music (under the psych tag of course!) for you to experience.

Swedish-psych goddess Josefin Ohrn + the Liberation is making massive waves over here in the UK, after selling out her whole tour, so we are very excited to have her hypnotic jams come and spell-bind us.

We’ve asked for The Lucid Dream back because we love them and they really topped it off at the Lewes Psych Fest earlier this year. These northern lads are charming live (banter and music wise) and we know they won’t disappoint you.

Vanishing Twin (with members from Broadcast!!) will grace us with their musical presence. Their music is (as they describe) “music for telepathic amphibians”, which says it all really. Watery, glistening, exactly what you’re thinking.

Cosmic Thoughts
Cosmic Thoughts is a long-term project involving past and present members of a slew of DIY bands from the south-east. Beginning as a studio-based electronic project between Steven Gordon Fessey, George Clift and Ross Blair in 2010, some demos were put down in their home studios and at Lightship 95, London with Ben Phillips. These early recordings included other members of November Coming Fire.

The Embrooks are a classic from the 90s, and they’ve returned! “Freakbeat” is something they’ve been described as, which is understandable, there’s a cross-pollination of mod rock with psychedelia elements thrown in. Can’t wait to hear!

See you there!