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Posted August 15th 2013

The One, The Only..

This week we want to talk about the incredible Patti Smith show at the beautiful St George’s Church.

This sold out spectacular show of words and music with songs which didn’t include – surprisingly, given Patti’s reputation for outspokenness – Gloria, with its opener “Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine” but did include wistful words of stories pulled from her critically acclaimed novel, Just Kids. With a 39 year career it’s safe to say that Patti definitely still has it. Patti also bought along Patrick Wolfe to the very excited crowd at St George’s Church, which was a lovely surprise. Patti apparently found him busking in Brighton, but that’s open for debate.

The response from her show on Twitter was certainly overwhelming. Funny, sharp, generous & vocally brilliant. Blown away. Thrilling. Compelling presence..

… We could go on and on but you get the idea. Please let us know how much you enjoyed the show on Twitter @MeltingVinyl !

Which made us think. Now we know we’ve already asked you before but after such an incredible performance from Patti Smith we want to ask you again to see if you’ve changed your mind. What has been your favourite show EVER at St George’s Church? Take a trip down memory lane and tell us on Twitter @MeltingVinyl.