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Posted May 23rd 2013

Answer Our Post Great Escape Questions!

SO. RIGHT THEN. Have we all recovered? Are we feeling sad that it’s all over? Are you relieved that it’s all over!? Or are you still buzzing from the 3 days? You know what we’re saying – The Great Escape stormed into Brighton last weekend and totally blew us away. It all came to an end on Saturday (or Sunday morning if you were going for a big night) and as always, it didn’t disappoint.

So the two questions you get asked post Great Escape are the following –
“How was The Great Escape?”
“Who was the best band of the weekend?”

So guys that’s exactly what we’re going to ask you now, and you can answer us via Twitter at @MeltingVinyl!

To give you an idea, a couple of us at Melting Vinyl HQ have answered (our own question, or those same two questions that we’ve asked you that we’ve also asked eachother. As everyone does.)

So Anna, the director of Melting Vinyl, who were your highlights of the weekend?!

“An amazing French ‘dancable’ group The Dancers in the festival hub, our very own Luke Sitah Singh wowing and playing to a packed audience in the Komedia, a key note talk with Dan Le Sac deliberating or being very decisive and funny, I’d say, about the worth of The Brits. It was concluded we should have a Brit Vision all over the UK ( the UK equivalant of the eurovision ) Hear hear!
Nick Mulvey with his world-music tinged guitar playing and full bodied vocals, a personal favourite, plus Bears Den exceptional harmonies in the beautiful Unitarian Church to finish the evening off ..”

Now Emma who does all the marketing press stuff at MV was at the Dan Le Sac conference too, and it was highly entertaining. Not only was it like listening in to four industry professionals ‘pub chat’, they actually did make some valid points on The Brits. What would they change? Well, for a start, don’t have someone like James Corden host it. Maybe get someone involved in music to host it. Also, why not change the location of The Brits every year? The UK seems to think that London is the only place where the music industry exists, and going somewhere like The Great Escape just goes to show that there are buzzing music scenes in every city in the UK, and the world for that matter. Hold The Brits in a different city every year. And yes, of course as Anna said, creating a ‘Brit Vision’ something that MV will get back to you guys on..

Anyway, we digress.

Emma’s top bands she saw were The Wytches, amazingly energetic, psychedelic brilliance from Brighton’s very own shores. Other highlights include Kimberly Anne, if you haven’t heard her yet you must. A soulful Tracy Chapman-esque vocal over fun, intelligent lyrics. Listen to her ‘Bury It There’ here, and then on repeat (it’s happened, it’s very good.) Another highlight was the beautiful Melody’s Echo Chamber recommended by our mates at Brighton Noise for some dreamy, indie, pop loveliness. All the things that Emma loves. Another thing Emma loves is Klaxons, so seeing them at The Corn Exchange on Thursday night made her 17 year old dreams come true, after having Myths of the Near Future play on repeat at 17! Other ones include Guards, Archipel, Temples, Deap Valley, Deep Sea Arcade, RDGLDGRN, The Penelopes and King Krule.

Get involved in the chit chat on Twitter at @MeltingVinyl and answer our two questions! Oh Great Escape, we miss you already.