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Posted January 13th 2012

Vive La France! 2012: Artist Spotlight: Sing Sing My Darling

With only two weeks to go to the fourth annual Vive La France! Festival of French Music and Culture, we thought it would be a good time to introduce you to some of the acts set to provide the joie de vivre to 2012′s event.

Next up are a band that all at Melting Vinyl HQ are deliriously excited about!

From the very first moment we were introduced to one of France’s best kept secrets, Sing Sing My Darling, we were hooked!  Check out their amazing single, Disco Love, to see why it would have been impossible not to invite them over for Vive La France! 2012!

And here’s what Sing Sing My Darling had to say in anticipation of the festival when we caught up with them:

1. What are you most looking forward to about playing Vive La France in Brighton?

Before we met our manager, we’ve never really been thinking that our music will appeal to a larger and further audience than Toulouse’s one. Now being invited by Vive La France, playing in the UK, make us want to go further than what we’ve ever considered before.  We hope that people will enjoy our music and that it will bring us some new opportunities in the UK as in France.

2. How does the music scene in France differ to the UK?

It seems to be a difference of style and way to feel music. If we focus on the Indie Rock music scene, in France, bands of today (I just want to talk about bands who chose to stay in France for an album conception) focus on the production aspect like Phoenix or Housse de Racket, while in the UK, this is left behind. In the UK, generally, the rock energy is
emphasised. Tunes are purer, guitar/bass/drums combo are very important as for Anna
Calvi, The Kooks, Metronomy…

3. What are your favorite French band and your favorite UK band at the moment?

Phoenix & Friendly Fires

4. What’s next for band?

We are still students and it’s becoming pretty hard to reconcile homework and the band, actually we don’t really feel like hard studying anymore. We want to go back in studio to record some old and new ideas to refresh our Myspace’s player with a sound that will
represent us more. Maybe it will lead to a new EP. And we’ll try to export ourselves by playing more outside Toulouse and why not outside France. A few festivals already got in touch for 2012, Airwaves Festival in Iceland is one of them…How exciting!

Sing Sing My Darling play The Green Door Store on 27th January 2012 at 7.30pm, and whats more its free entry!

For more info on Vive La France! 2012 and tickets for other shows please click here.

Stay tuned for more artists features and interviews in the coming days.