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Big Freedia

Tuesday 31st March 2015


At The Haunt

Doors 7:00 pm

Price £8 / £10

The Queen of Bounce, New Orlean hip-hop/rap artist Big Freedia, dazzles and asserts with her artistic vision, freeing us from any kind of boundaries.

Big Freedia known as the Queen of Bounce, is at the forefront of the Bounce rap movement (a subgenre of hip-hop born out of New Orleans and known for its call and response style and lightening speed booty-shaking dance). A product of the hip-hop generation, Freedia was rocking RUN DMC, Salt ‘n Pepa and Adidas Shell Tops as a teenager. Performing with dancers she calls The Divas, Big Freedia’s show is nothing short of dazzling. She has played at many huge festivals such as SXSW, Electric Forest and Bonnaroo and has been lauded by many music publications, such as Pitchfork, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, FADERTV, praising her ingenuity.

Though gay and proud, Big Freedia asserts that her sexuality has little to do with her music and rejects the term Sissy Bounce (the queer brand of Bounce). “All Bounce is Bounce,” she insists. “There’s no need to separate it out. All types of people—gay, straight, rich, poor, black, white come to my shows. People just wanna get out and shake their azzzz and have a good time!” And therein lies the beauty of Big Freedia: She can rock a pair of dangling gold earrings and light up a blunt and chop it up with the hardest rapper around. She’s not a gay artist, but rather an artist who happens to be gay.

Big Freedia has gone from a local New Orleans phenomenon to international one over the past two years. After appearing in two episodes of HBO series ‘Treme’ [as herself], she has released four amazing albums with her latest Just Be Free catching the attention and imagination of a wider audience.

“She embraces the textures of contemporary EDM–wet snares, buzz-saw synths, the occasional triumphant trance melody–but the feel is unmistakably bounce throughout.” – Rolling Stone

“This is music to be experienced, not read about or analyzed for political and sociological meanings”. – Drowned in Sound.