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Samantha Crain

Friday 7th August 2015

Benedict Benjamin + Laura and the Bass

At The Latest Music Bar

Doors 8:00 pm

Price £8 / £10

Following 2014’s critically-acclaimed album Kid Face, Oklahoma singer-songwriter Samantha Crain returns with her new album, Under Branch & Thorn & Tree. a sombre and sensitive album with striking arrangements which bring unexpected flashes of light to even the darkest of scenarios.

Based in Shawnee, Oklahoma, and of Choctaw heritage Samantha has been building a following in the US and beyond over the last couple of years, including Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit who took her out on tour last year and have been long-time supporters of her music.

Although initially inspired by the sounds of her father’s record collection, including Bob Dylan and Neil Young, an adolescent Crain took even greater solace in the music of her home state, from the Americana of Woody Guthrie to the sonic experiments of the Flaming Lips.

The songs on Crain’s new album, Under Branch & Thorn & Tree, are marked by expansive melodies that veer off in unpredictable directions, with lyrics that explore conflicting emotions with uncommon insight and compassion. She has a jazz singer’s phrasing, often breaking words into rhythmic fragments that land before and after the beat, stretching syllables or adding grace notes to uncover hidden nuances in her lyrics.

“Crain wears her pain proudly with poetic candour.” – The Guardian

“Through literary wormholes like this, Crain has invited the listener to eavesdrop on her internal and often contradictory dialogues.” – Paste Magazine

Benedict Benjamin
Solo project from member of The Mariner’s Children, Peggy Sue

Laura and the Bass
Czech gentleman and his Scandinavian mistress plucking away.