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Young Knives

Thursday 20th March 2014

With: Brown Brogues

At The Haunt

Doors 7:00 pm

Price £10 / £12

We are pleased to announce that Young Knives will be playing at The Haunt on Thursday 20th March!

After many name changes – such as Simple Pastoral Experience and Ponyclub – Young Knives broke into the music scene at full speed in 2002 with their début mini-album titled Young Knives…Are Dead and received national coverage with their single The Decision in 2005.

The trio create high-energy post-punk indie-rock, full of strong hooks and eccentric sheen. With a Mercury nomination under their belt – from their second album Voices of Animals and Men – Young Knives continue to push the boundaries of their success and artistic endeavours.

Freeing themselves from the grips of record labels, (even independents in this case) Young Knives recently funded and released their latest album, Sick Octave, entirely through Kickstarter, a crowd-funding platform for creative projects, with the freedom ‘to make whatever record we want.’ The result was an album made comfortably for £12,000 (surpassing their £10,000 pledge target) and being unafraid to budget and work within restrictions for creative freedom. From rooting around for sheet metal and junk instead of buying expensive percussion, to building their own pedals to manipulate sounds, Sick Octave is a true DIY experience.

Catch this ferociously independent band and feel inspired!