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Posted March 20th 2014

Buzzing about new bands!

Melting Vinyl loves receiving emails from acts/bands sharing with us their new music and what they’ve been up to.

Thanks to all the acts that have mailed in to [email protected]. We’re especially loving:

April Was a Passenger (

This band has taken the office into a multiple of different lands this week, the synthetic ‘baroque pop’ has left us wanting to discover more by the Parisian trio.

Keel Her (

Brighton girl ‘Keel Her” has shown us that making the music you want, even if it doesn’t keep with the current trends, is always the way to go. Lo-fi, hints of ‘Bikini Kill’ and boundlessly prolific creativity!

Gretchen Lohse (

The intricate quality of Gretchen Loshe’s music has breathed a sense of wonder through us on the days you can see spring creeping through the clouds.  This is music to make you appreciate the outside world.

Tiny Leaves (

This is music for the heart and soul. It takes you on a journey through the seasons, so much so you can experience diving into deep waters or running through a forest or even just sitting and watching the world evolve around you. Tiny Leaves album ‘A good land, an excellent land’ is one the purest form of beauty.

Prophet and Seers (

These four young guns from Tunbridge Wells have put a smile on all our faces. Oh to be young again! And with the psyche rock these lads are making we’re going to be sure to follow them.

Pusher (

The dirty, gritty sounds of these Yorkshire boys are bringing back the days of blissful ignorance. If their live set is as ferial as their music, we’re all in for a good night.

Jaguar Cub (

This is the driving upbeat psyche that makes you want to dance. A must see before they start hitting the big time.

Panda Kid (

Panda Kid are making music that is timeless, as in, you couldn’t possibley know the era. With beats from the 80’s and ‘Lennon esq’ vocals, it is a delight of two fundimental era’s that have seemlessly combined into something marvelous.

Thanks for all of the great music and looking forward to hear more!