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Posted April 10th 2014

My First Gig! What was yours?

This weekend we have the Hi-Jack Children’s Festival at Komedia! This special day time show for 7-11 year olds with Downing Street Years and No Middle Name, for a lot of kids, will be their first gig!  So here in the office and with friends, we’ve been reminiscing on ours….

If you fancy sharing your first gig for the MV website, get in touch! @meltingvinyl //


Mine was I think Prince at Manchester City football ground (the original with stone steps). Me and my bessest friend Lucy Couch went and were right at the back of the footie ground, I don’t think this was in the age of super sized screens – so we saw Prince, a pea in the distance (not much bigger in real life) changing his outfit and guitar on every song. He’d take his time between songs and it finally came back to us that ‘eck Prince has a poof’, he had a purple padded heart shaped transport that lifted him up at the side of stage to use between songs to get him back stage to get changed. Anyway we saw nothing and heard hardly anything but we had a right good time!

Sally Ann

Echo & The Bunnymen… Crawley Leisure Centre 1984. Missed last bus home. Friends mum had to pick us up. She was not happy!! Ears rang for 2 days!!!


I saw The Cramps at Brixton Academy when I was 8 months pregnant with Nina (now 10), wearing my prized 1960s vintage Pucci and a scarlet beehive.


My friend’s step-dad had three free tickets to the 2003 MTV Asia Awards which was being hosted in Singapore that year; it was back in the time when MTV was huge and really burgeoning in Asia. Me and my two friends went and had so much fun, screaming at Avril Lavigne and Robbie Williams and other artists we had no idea were popular (given we were only twelve). Come to think of it, I have no idea how we were let in!


The Buzzcocks in Portsmouth when I was about 14. I only had 2 friends who were interested in punk and we went together. I was into making my own clothes at the time, and we made dresses out of bin bags to wear to the show. It was really fun. I remember my ears ringing for the next day or so. I also made friends at that show from waiting in the queue who are still in my life now.


My first concert was when I was 9 with my mum. All Saints were playing in Port Talbot Leisure Centre nr Swansea. They opened by coming down from the ceiling on chains, with fire and lights, it was unlike anything I had ever seen or heard and seeing the band onstage and not on TV blew my mind!


Mogwai in Brazil around 2004 I think. I can recall it being very loud and the venue was huge.


Blur at Aston Villa Leisure Centre, Autumn 1994. Pulp supported. Nearly 20 years ago…ouch.


The Downing Street Years are a husband and wife and the energetic-noise-punk duo from Brighton.


No Middle Name is the lo-fi; dream pop; solo works of David Bailey.