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Posted January 3rd 2024

Happy 2023 Reflections

As we approach the beginning of a new year, join us in reflecting on our shows during 2023.

We are forever grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a creative and diverse range of artists and venues. Thanks for buying tickets and keeping live alive – without you, simly none of this would be possible.

From all of us here at Melting Vinyl Happy New Year!!🥂

See what we have coming up in 2024 (and some of our favs from 2023):
The Melting Vinyl End Of Year Round-Up and listen via Spotify.

Our 2023 Shows:
Plaid/WesleyGonzalez+CannedPineappleDJWinterGardens/LewesPsychedelicFestival/Molly+Deary/RunLoganRun+AnnieGardiner/JamesYorkston&NinaPersson+AmyMayEllis/SweetBaboo+ClémentineMarchDJCannedPineapple/SophieJamieson+EvaLunny+DJHilangChild/ChopChop+YellowDoor+Hill+DJFieryBiscuits/TheRheingansSisters+BellaSpinks+DJFindingLandFolkShow/DavidFord+JPRuggieri/HinakoAmori+EmmaPapperDJVÄLVĒ/GinaBirch+HelenMcCookerybook+DJGrantLyons/MicahPHinson+Seadog/BrigidMaePowers+LilyWolfe+DJOddfellow/BIMMFEShowcase/Anona+MarwynGrace/Unthanks:Smith+AlexRex+DJFindingLandFolkShow/MaxCooper3DAV+CherifHashizume/CodexSerafini+BigSlammu+DJMessyTrax/Death&Vanilla+TheDaylight/JamesHolden+PyeCornerAudio/PanadBear&SonicBoom+Runnes+DJAutomouse/KarlBlauCountryGravel+Fane+DJAmeliaCaesar/SubmotionOrchestra(unplugged)+LucaWilding+DJDiomede and many, many more.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all this year:

l 22-01-24 Niall Mccabe | 27-01-24 Lewes Psych Festival* l 02-02-24 Ye Vagabonds* l 09-02-24 Stornoway^ l 19-02-24 Cerys Hafana l 02-03-24 Anna Mieke l 19.03.24 Flamingods l 21-03-24 N’famady Kouyaté l 04-04-24 Sam Lee l 07-04-24 Jolie Holland l 26-04-24 Personal Trainer + Pom Poko l 22-05-24 The Handsome Family Brighton l 23-05-24 The Handsome Family Kent^ l

* Sold Out