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Lewes Psychedelic Festival 2020

Friday 17th January 2020

Sold Out

At Lewes Psychedelic Festival 2020

Doors 7:30 pm

Price 15 + Booking Fee/ 19 on the door (subject to availability)


Bar facilities available


News!: Every week we will be announcing an artist appearing at the festival, keep an eye on our social media.

Information on the festival:

Lewes Psychedelic Festival returns with visuals and music for the senses in the ancient setting of Lewes, with two events featuring an array of artists on the psych spectrum on the weekend of 17th and 18th January 2020

Melting Vinyl and Innerstrings are proud to announce Lewes Psychedelic Festival 2020.

The festival returns on Saturday 18th January at the All Saints Centre, plus this year at the historic Westgate Chapel on Friday 17th January.

Lewes Psych Fest has a reputation for bringing together a wide variety of acts under the psych umbrella, and historically has always sold out well in advance; so we advise early purchase of tickets.

As ever, international visual artists Innerstrings will be bringing the visuals, turning both venues into a bath of swirling liquid light, not unlike being in a giant lava lamp.

Vanishing Twin + Wax Machine+ Innerstrings Visuals 

We welcome the return of Vanishing Twin to Lewes Psych Fest as our headliner at Westgate Chapel.

We fell in love with Vanishing Twin upon first seeing them. Summoning up memories of seeing Stereolab and Broadcast, Vanishing Twin are all that, and much more besides. Their latest album “The Age Of Immunology”, released on the legendary Fire Records, has had glowing reviews the world over; deservedly so!

Drawing on sounds outside of the usual pop vocabulary, Vanishing Twin use forgotten drum machines, home-made electronics, vibraphones, tablas, and harp to invoke the esoteric psychedelia of lost soundtracks, radiophonic experiments and minimal music orchestras.

Vanishing Twin, one of the most exciting young groups in England at the moment, the term is used in dismay on living through a period where borders are being hardened, walls are being built and new boundaries being needlessly imposed. Band members may come from Japan, Italy, France and America but they have all made England their home and, on this album, they are heralds of the much better future that is being rapidly dismantled as we speak. ‘The Age Of Immunology’ – which is sung in all the primary languages of the musicians who made it as well as English – is the soundtrack for those who still believe in the pluralist dream, where the other is embraced and learned from, not isolated and

‘Where Vanishing Twin have come from, or where they’re going next, is completely immaterial – and rather trivial. This is, by any measure, an astounding piece of work by some immensely talented individuals. They now occupy a throne that has sat empty for years, and have made an album worthy of all the praise it will undoubtedly receive.’

‘The Age of Immunology is, simply, a masterpiece’.

(The Line Of Best Fit)

Wax Machine

We welcome the return of the most authentic Psych band on the south coast to LPF

Brighton’s Wax Machine are a band so steeped in the kernel of psychedelic seep that there’s every indication they may have slipped through a side door in space-time and sprouted anew a few years back on the UK coast.

There’s a wealth of lost bands that outpaced their more high-profile brethren from the era of brotherly love, but fate and fortune lost them to time until a voracious reissue market snatched them back from the brink of obscurity. Wax Machine lives in the creases and cracks between these reinvigorated volumes, tripping easily among the children of the sun without ever feeling like tourists. They are kindred spirits, or perhaps the channeled chosen brought back to life for a new era. The band has an aura of mystique and borrows from dreams and trances to give life to a psychedelic experience that feels hauntingly familiar, yet strikingly new.

Their eclecticism incorporates Spiritual Jazz, Krautrock, Tropicália and Library Music while exploring both their English psych-folk roots and mining a deeper appreciation for a West Coast sound dipped in sun, peace and serenity. Wax Machine aren’t passing travelers on the path to psychedelic oblivion, they are full-fledged guides.”

Our final addition to the  line up:

Sleeping Creatures

Experimental improv trio from Brighton delivering psychedelic, cinematic soundscapes. Post-rock, ambient, transcendental, epic, are all descriptions of aspects of the collective sound which on occasion includes sacred vocal polyphony merging with amplified instruments and abstract sounds.


Messytrax fills in the gaps between the bands using only the finest black magic plastic, and is back spinning at Lewes Psych Fest once again with a bag of deep and wild tunes for the heads

Spotify Playlist to pre-empt the set!