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Posted August 27th 2016

Autumn shows 2016

It’s Autumn! Check out some of the shows we’re really looking forward to.

Helen Brown
(Melting Vinyl) Julia Holter @ Concorde 2 – 21.11.16
I saw Julia play our show last year at Komedia and loved it so much. I look forward to seeing her in an even bigger venue and putting the audience in an existential daze.

Angel Olsen @ Concorde 2 – 13.10.16
I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve heard so far from Angel Olsen’s upcoming album, a real development from her previous work which feels positively more self-aware.

Elliot Trot
(Melting Vinyl) Joan as Policewoman @ The Haunt – 18/11/16
Who could possibly say no to an artist who is described as combining Nina Simone and Sonic Youth, going to be an awesome night!

Gilmore & Roberts @ Komedia – 13/10/16
Having heard this energetic and incredible duo on 6 music I cannot wait to see them live in the fantastic setting of Komedia.

Rachel Strange
(Melting Vinyl) Joan As Police Woman & Benjamin Lazar Davis @ Concorde 2 – 18/11/16
Looking forward to seeing Joan collaborate with Benjamin Lazar Davis for the ‘Let It Be You’ tour. A strong musician who isn’t afraid to experiment…

Brighton Psychedelic Weekend / 27-29 August
Really looking forward to this weekend – particularly Wolf People, who are my favourite psychedelic/folk/rock band. Excited to hear their new material and to head-bang the night away.

Rachel Wilson
(Melting Vinyl) Julianna Barwick @ Komedia Studio – 25.08.16
(NOTE: Not technically an Autumn/ end of year show as it’s end of this month, but I adore her stuff and am super excited for her show)

I discovered Julianna’s work through a Spotify sleep playlist sometime last year and actually woke up during her song ‘The Magic Place’, immediately noting it down because it was unlike anything else I had heard released in recent times. Her latest album, ‘Will’, is a further and arguably more confident exploration into her ethereal world that I can’t wait to be transported into in a live setting.

(Melting Vinyl) Julia Holter @ Concorde 2 – 21.11.16
I have only recently discovered Julia’s work but was immediately drawn to her versatility and ability to still maintain her own sound whilst exploring different genres. I have heard only amazing things about her live set and look forward to seeing it for myself.

Seth Lakeman @ St. George’s Church – 1.12.16
Having grown up with a Celtic background, it always warms my heart to hear a fiddle in a modern folk setting. Add that to a gorgeous church setting and you have a dreamy foundation for the multi-award winning work of Seth Lakeman.

Angel Olsen @ Concorde 2 – 13.10.16
Her song ‘Windows’ still breaks my heart in the best way to this very day, so the opportunity to see it live is an absolute must. Her voice penetrates in the most beautiful way, conveying such authenticity and emotion that I so crave to hear in artists today.

Ry X @ St. Bartholomew’s Church – 22.11.16
I heard a live session on BBC Radio 2 of ‘Only’ and was struck by this gorgeous, emotive voice backed by a spacious arrangement to allow his voice to rise through which it does gloriously, even in the most delicate parts. I can’t think of a better setting for the show than a reverb laden church adding a wonderfully haunting atmosphere.

Andy McKee @ Komedia – 13.12.16
This man and his guitar become basically one when together; it is a pleasure to listen to on record so I can only imagine what it is to marvel at his incredible talent in person.

Jorge Mena
(Melting Vinyl) Julianna Barwick @ Komedia – 25.08.16
A great chance to experience one of the best records of 2016 live.

Swans @ Concorde 2 – 08.10.16
Probably the last show in Brighton of Swans’ “current incarnation”.