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Posted August 30th 2012

Get Ready For Gaggle!

Gaggle is usually the name given to a flock of geese that isn’t in flight. In terms of salt, a gaggle is equal to eight fifty pound bags of salt. For us, Gaggle is the exciting new show we have lined up for you lot on the 29th of November at Coalition!

The 21 strong female group, Gaggle, lead by Deborah Coughlin says that the point was not to make something sweet like a choir – but something like a football stadium, where you get power with numbers. But Gaggle isn’t just about a strong image or a strong sound – it’s about female stories. Their single ‘I Hear Flies’ within a couple of months of release had won them Best New Band at Camden Crawl. Listen to it here!

Tickets for these girls are on sale right now from here so don’t miss out!