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Posted September 4th 2012

Super Sub Pop!

Now September has finally crept up on us, we can finally get excited about the fact that we have two – yes TWO of Sub Pop’s finest bands  coming to visit us in September!

Incase you didn’t know (although we’re pretty sure you do) Sub Pop Records known for being a grunge label are the original home to Nirvana, Soundgarden and Mudhoney. In recent times while much of the music industry has been desperately trying to put the brakes on declining sales, Sup Pop has been giving away music by top-sellers and working with unorthodox business models.

Seriously, who’d’ve thought it? Other than the humble founders of Sub Pop, that is?

So they know what music is good. And we know what music is good. This is the perfect combination for these two September shows..

This time NEXT WEEK we have the fantastic HUSKY at The Hope! You probably haven’t heard of Husky before now. That’s because compared to most musicians in this era of uninterrupted connectivity and non-stop self-promotion, the Australian quartet might as well have crafted their debut full-length atop the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. With its warm, acoustic timbres and carefully crafted songs, Forever So is the sound of a band that from its inception cared more about making one sublime album than acquiring a million followers on Twitter. The new album Forever So has been a real favourite in the Melting Vinyl office and we urge you to witness this these hypnotic songs live at The Hope.

On the 25th we have the almighty JAILL storming The Green Door Store! Now Jaill is a lot like other bands; they’ve slept on your floor, you’ve made fun of their pillow cases, and although they all say they’re cool with cats, no one’s excited about sleeping at the cat house. So it should come as no surprise that, as bands sometimes do, they’ve made a new record. And that record is Traps, their second for Sub Pop, but first to adopt the bold new marketing strategy of giving away a free pair of Nike cross-trainers to anyone who steals it on the internet. Take that, Radiohead. But Traps is pretty, it’s moody, it pops. It has the scrappy, vengeful enthusiasm of a puppy stuck under a blanket. It’s an adorably grumpy bear just awoken from his long winter’s slumber.. you get the idea? Listen to it and prepare to get excited.

Tickets for these, and all the other lovely autumn shows are available by the click of a button.. just here!