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Posted August 1st 2017

Melting Vinyl’s alternative Mercury awards shortlist

The 12 album Mercury awards shortlist was recently revealed and we decided to share with you our alternative picks.

The Midnight Sun by C Duncan

“A more polished and focused affair that demonstrates the breadth of Duncan’s sparkling ability, not to mention his pop chops, while conveying a gorgeous otherworldiness that effortlessly channels peak Cocteau Twins and Radiohead.” – Uncut

Compassion by Forest Swords

“Forest Swords was already becoming quickly respected for his deftness of touch when dealing with both musical and emotional tone. Compassion demonstrates he is very capable of weaving them together until they are intrinsically entwined.” – Clash Music

Awake But Always Dreaming by Hannah Peel

“Miss Peel has created a textural collection of pure pop, delicate chamber pieces and analogue electronics that should by rights position her as one of our foremost emergent female voices” – Record Collector

Modern Kosmology by Jane Weaver

“With Modern Kosmology, long-time Manchester folktronic siren Jane Weaver has made her most completely realised album yet, albeit by dispensing with folk music almost entirely, in favour of more forceful Krautrock and psychedelic influences.” – The Independent

Sillion by Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit

“One thing that’s never faltered is his devotion to the integrity of his output – always thoughtful, rich and honest, his music is possessed with the soul of a spirited artist.” – Drowned in Sound

Let Them Eat Chaos by Kate Tempest

“Perhaps Tempest’s greatest achievement is not to fall prey to the pressure for unnecessary revolution; her work sits more comfortably in the tradition of perfecting the groove, not changing it. That perfection might be illusion, but its pursuit can produce wonderful work, as it has right here.” – The Observer

AIM by M.I.A

“Wildly collaborative, pan-globalistically luvvy-duvvy and heaps of fun, it just about hangs together as her best outing since 2007’s Kala.” – Q Magazine

Age of Anxiety Pixx

“By flitting between a low, clear vocal, and something more urgent and old-fashionedly English, which evokes both 1960s pop and Tudor carols, Rodgers manages to dodge straightforward comparisons. It makes for a riveting and refreshing debut, which balances weirdness with sweet and soothing electropop joy.” – The Guardian

Home Counties by Saint Etienne

“Naturally, every song is a fully formed gem underscoring Saint Etienne’s unique way with setting reflective pop upon a dance floor chassis.” – Mojo

Slowdive by Slowdive

“The narrative structure of nighttime reveries can often feel unsettling, but throughout Slowdive, the band use foggy images and slippery transitions as a soothing sort of déjà vu–you feel like you’ve been here before, even though you obviously haven’t.” – Spin

Moonshine Freeze by This is the Kit

“After three previous albums, Moonshine Freeze is finally the sound of a storyteller of a musician finding her niche. And it is a joy to behold.” – Drowned in Sound

Boy King by Wild Beasts

“A fifth album u-turn that few could pull off, Boy King is the sound of a band reborn. The core elements are all still there–that falsetto-baritone play-off between vocalists Hayden Thorpe and Tom Fleming as prominent as ever–but they’re glitched-up and garbled.” – DIY Magazine