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Posted July 24th 2017

Vinyl Revolution – without pretence

New independent record shop – Vinyl Revolution – has opened its doors to the resurgence of vinyl purchasing in the modern age of the invisible product.

Having promoted as the legendary Cable Club promotions for over a decade, as well as playing in cult-favourite bands such as Villareal, Lightning Dept and White Star Liners, Simon Parker returns as co-founder of a new vinyl record shop in Brighton – Vinyl Revolution.

The idea behind Vinyl Revolution is to make record buying a non-judgemental nor intimidating experience, Parker wants to make you feel at home when you set foot into their shop. Everyone knows the stereotype of the anoraky record shopkeeper, the one who insists it’s the B-side / earlier releases which are far superior to any of the newer stuff; not to say that Brighton’s record shops are on the whole not known for that, but it’s nice to have that intention re-instated for the newcomer ashamed of being caught out as a fraud (everyone’s a muso-fraud anyway, don’t worry).

And on the other side, Vinyl Revolution wants to take back ownership of the record becoming hungrily embraced by the commercial market. The white-lit soul-less rooms, eating away at your eyes and your intentions.

So instead pop into the 2-floor new establishment and they endeavour to embrace you with warmth and support, as one does listening to a newfound favourite album revealing its sonic secrets.