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Wednesday 28th June 2017

La Houle

At The Prince Albert

Doors 8:00 pm

Price £6 + booking fee / £8

Lewes Psychedelic Festival presents…

French psych-experimental pop act Aquaserge return after their thrilling show at The Green Door Store. Formed from members of Stereolab and Tame Impala, their new album Laisse ça être is an amalgamation of dance grooves textured with rhythmical and metrical twists; film noire entrenched in poeticism; wild creativity paralleled with the cerebral.

AQUASERGE has been a subterranean driving force in the international music scene, inspiring and influencing countless musicians & fans. After operating for years like a a kind of nebula, a shifting aggregate drawing over 60 musicians in its orbit, while knitting an extended web of connections by collaborating with the likes of Tame Impala, Stereolab, Melody’s Echo Chamber, Acid Mothers Temple and Aksak Maboul, the band has now distilled down to a strong 5-piece core, which is wildly creative in the studio, powerful and exciting on the stage.

Coded messages, anadiplosis and automatic writing, dance music grooves peppered with rhythmical & metrical twists, shades of Italian and French film music, a dense political & poetic subtext: such are the ingredients of Laisse ça être, the new album by brilliant experimental pop band AQUASERGE.

“Aquaserge’s sound is global, cosmic, and genuinely kaleidoscopic. Like Paul Scheerbart’s vision of global architecture, their music is densely packed with ideas, mathematically precise, boldly anarchic about ignoring borders with boundaries of every kind, and dazzling with joyful weirdness.” – The Wire

“Like a cratedigger’s fantasy band, Toulose’s Aquaserge mine a colourful seam of psych-rock, jazz and Afrobeat, their vintage production techniques lending the quintet’s assured grooves a suitably authentic ’60’s quality.” – Uncut 8/10


La Houle
Based in London by musical affinity without losing its french yet, La Houle is the musical project of Geoffrey Papin and Simon Sockeel. Together, they create a noisy pop mixed with cosmic pads, shoegaze guitars, synthetic rhythms while defending poetic lyrics as cold as convoluted in Baudelaire’s language. The band will release its first EP on March 22nd, 2017, in partnership with the anti-label, underground french music digger, La Souterraine. Joined in live by Clementine Blue (Tiger Lion) and John Davies (Traams / Theo Verney), La Houle is searching from the trough to the top of the wave, which one between ardour or tenderness will defeat.


is Jo Spratley and Bic Hayes.
They breathe and drink and eat and live with all the other creatures and plants and beings in England near The Sea. They need very little to survive. They dedicate their noise to the vanishing ones.

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