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Back In Time

Saturday 20th June 2015

At St. George's Church

Doors 5:00 pm

Price £35 + bf

Back in Time is a unique live concert that presents music from the Commodore 64 home computer played by live bands.
Acts include PRESS PLAY ON TAPE, SID80s, FastLoaders, and David Dunn.

If you grew up with an 80s home computer, certain things etched themselves into your brain. One of those things was the music in the games, played by their synthesizer chips. In an unique period between games having no music, and games having film soundtracks, lies (along with Mario and Zelda of course) the Commodore 64: blessed with a sound chip it shouldn’t have had, which captured the ears of teenagers all over the planet.

Teenagers, as they do, grow up. And, having disposable funds, decided to re-enact the music and formed groups appearing at St George’s for Back In Time. Among some of the performances happening throughout the evening are: an acclaimed group of Danish students PRESS PLAY ON TAPE, and a supergroup of old composers in the C64: Stuck in D’80s are based around the talents of Codemasters’ Mark Knight, composing legend Ben Daglish, and legendary Godfather of software.