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Thursday 31st October 2013

With: The Art Club + Harting

At The Green Door Store

Doors 7:30 pm

Price £7 / £9

Coasts is the result of a unique evolutionary process, a classical example of survival of the fittest, that has seen the band evolve from various musical projects, covering an expansive range of genres. Conceived almost a year ago in the chapel of a nearby church, where the unique ‘shimmery trop-pop’ sound of Coasts took it’s first fledgling steps. This Bristol-born five-piece – the same lineup remaining as one throughout – has a wealth of musical knowledge and understanding, which becomes glaringly apparent through their concise, catchy song structures and animated and dynamic live performances.

With a strong and congruous sun-drenched, tropical vibe running throughout all facets of the band’s sound and identity, Coasts are highly ambitious, yet laid-back and unassuming group of long-term friends with a diverse plethora of musical idols and influences. Their sound reflects this and though summery, upbeat and dance centered their music incorporates a music darker, fuzzier, slacker-rock element.

Don’t miss the chance to catch Coasts this October at The Green Door Store. Tickets on sale now!