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Lewes Psychedelic Festival 2020

Saturday 18th January 2020

Sold Out

At All Saints Centre

Doors 2:00 pm

Price 23.50 + Booking Fee/26.50 on door


Bar facilities available

Note: There is limited capacity for all ticket holders on the Saturday afternoon in the Small Psych Room and at Union Music Store 3-5pm
The bar serves local ales and good quality alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.
There is a cloakroom available from 5.30pm Saturday for £1 a coat/bag, left at your own risk but there will be someone attending it the whole time.

Information on the festival:

Lewes Psychedelic Festival returns with visuals and music for the senses in the ancient setting of Lewes, with two events featuring an array of artists on the psych spectrum on the weekend of 17th and 18th January 2020

Melting Vinyl and Innerstrings are proud to announce Lewes Psychedelic Festival 2020.

The festival returns on Saturday 18th January at the All Saints Centre, plus this year at the historic Westgate Chapel on Friday 17th January.

Lewes Psych Fest has a reputation for bringing together a wide variety of acts under the psych umbrella, and historically has always sold out well in advance; so we advise early purchase of tickets.

As ever, international visual artists Innerstrings will be bringing the visuals, turning both venues into a bath of swirling liquid light, not unlike being in a giant lava lamp.

News!: Every week we will be announcing an artist appearing at the festival, keep an eye on our social media.

First announcements!


Our headliner for All Saints Centre is TVAM

We have watched TVAM go from strength to strength over the years, having witnessed him perform at Cosmosis, Sounds From the Other City, and more recently at Sea Change festival. Joe now tours with a full band as well as his trusty television and VHS player. We can’t wait to see TVAM headline for us!

“Joe Oxley is the electro-psych man/machine behind TVAM and has arguably produced the biggest dance-floor action Wigan has seen since the legendary Casino closed its doors in the 1970’s . As Lauren Laverne observed “It’s like someone took Spiritualized to the club!!”

Heralding the arrival of a singular talent the self-produced and home-recorded debut album ‘Psychic Data’ contains ‘These Are Not Your Memories’ and ‘Narcissus’ (both of which enjoyed playlist support at BBC 6Music) alongside ‘Porsche Majeure’‘Gas & Air’ and the title track.

Hypnotic tracks which straddle an impressive spectrum of influence; with Boards of Canada‘s irresistible nostalgia, Suicide‘s deconstructed rock ‘n’ roll and My Bloody Valentine‘s infinite noise all becoming touching points in Oxley‘s musical output.

Crafting a world which touches on our memories but toys with our fears, a world in which information seeps under your door and pools by your feet, a world in which he seeks to define everything from abandoned meanings to subconscious desires, ‘Psychic Data’ invites us to experience the psychodrama first hand.

TVAM gigs blur the boundary between art and performance; via a large television sitting on an 80’s secondary school-style podium, a VHS video recorder projects long-forgotten Mondo movies alongside vintage footage often sourced from hours spent poring through charity shop shelves.

“It’s like someone took Spiritualized to the club!!” – Lauren LaverneBBC 6Music

Second announcement:

Japanese Television 

Innerstrings worked on a festival, where they were playing, and they blew him away….

From the ashes of three psychedelic rock bands, rose Japanese Television: Al Brown, Alex Lawton, Ian Thorn, and Tim Jones – who formed with a shared vision of creating a modern psychedelic space-surf-soundscape. The band have released two EPs on Tip Top recordings and recorded a live session for Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music. Their debut album will follow in summer 2020.

“Mindbending and Brilliant” – Marc Riley

Third Announcement:


Immersion is an instrumental duo combining Malka Spigel and Colin Newman.  Both had already carved out significant careers with the bands Minimal Compact and Wire respectively.  But the work they create as Immersion occupies its own unique space.  Over their lifespan, they have developed a signature sound that is timeless and yet completely modern – a style that is perhaps best described as urban kosmische

 ‘Too strident to be remotely ambient, and too thoroughly liquid to be pure post punk, Sleepless is the kind of album you simply fall for, in a way you embrace something that sounds familiar but almost aggressively fresh and vibrant’  Quietus 

Fourth announcement:


Pye Corner Audio specialise in a majestic and cinematic electronica that conjures up the sound of haunted dance floors. A unique blend of John Carpenter, slow disco, deep house, and electronic library music.

Over eight albums across several labels and remixes for John Foxx, Mogwai,
Mark Lanegan and Stealing Sheep. Pye Corner Audio’s Martin Jenkins is a seasoned live performer and a regular guest at Ghost Box’s Belbury Youth Club events. Much in demand over the last two years including shows at Enter Ibiza, Barcelona’s Lapsus Festival and Mogwai’s 20th anniversary show at Barrowlands in Glasgow.

He completed his first tour of the United States in early 2017, taking in LA, Seattle,
SF, Moog Fest, and NYC. 2017 also saw releases on Death Waltz Originals, Analogical Force, Lapsus Records, Jealous God and Polytechnic Youth. He has just released Hollow Earth, his third album for Ghost Box Records

Fifth announcement  OH MAMA

Oh Mama have built up a loyal fanbase through sheer hard work and some blistering live performances. This band are psychedelia in it’s purest form!

“Dawn breaks through hazy skies to haunting, watery harmonies as the folding sirens entrance you into rippling lakes, lakes that evaporate into tantalising clouds that build high into space until metamorphosis takes place; heaviness pounds to the ground in a storm of clattering groovic tangles, shuddering fuzz, dazzling licks and shimmering screams of mayhem and grace.

Us folk are here to nurture ye babes with psychic psychodelicious blues rock and the spontaneous drizzle of funk. Let us caress your ears with our fierce lovin’ absurdities before soaring far beyond time to shimmer into space.”

Sixth announcement:

Holy Magick 
Psychedelia is a gloriously bold and all-consuming notion: at once an ideology in Technicolor hyperfocus and a nebulous swirl of lysergic bliss, images shifting like a kaleidoscope. It’s both a relic of an apparently freer, wilder past and a palimpsest for the future: but distilling it in the present is Holy Magick, a Brighton-based band weaving new sounds through psychedelic haze and reveries.

Holy Magick is named so because that’s how its co-founder and producer Dom Keen (ex Death in Vegas, Dark Horses) deems music itself: Holy – to be revered, wondered at; and Magick – its potency laying in unknowable forces, esoteric powers beyond the everyday that cast spells on all of us, if you care to listen.

The debut record’s origins lie in a dogged pursuit of artistry and strangeness in a world that’s often unkind to art and artists. Its sensibilities take in; the surrealist terrains of Alejandro Jodorowsky; occultism; psychedelia; krautrock; dusty records from the past manifested in the now. An antidote to social, political, sexual, narcotic sickness and fear – to restless alienation – this is music for “escapism,” says Keen.


Seventh Announcement: Lucy Feliz

We welcome Lucy Feliz tio the Lewes Psych Fest in the afternoon at The Union Music Store.

Expressed in a hybrid of psych-folk, dream pop and luminous nostalgia, Lucy Feliz comes to terms with shame and mortality by embracing the irony in optimism, and exploring polarities in human experience. 

Recorded at The Sitting Room studio, in Lyttleton, NZ, and produced and mixed by Ben Edwards (Julia Jacklin, Nadia Reid, Aldous Harding) – this evolution from self recorded debut ‘Ancestry’ (under the alias LosFeliz) – has retained the intimacy of Lucy’s songwriting, yet allowed greater scope for the immersive feel, with plumes of luscious sound walls and lyricism. (Release date TBC). 

Born in the English country side, on the cusp of the analogue era, Lucy spent much of her summer holidays recording over and cutting up cassette tapes, satisfying an eclectic taste for warped sounds. Continuing her music behind closed doors, after making secret demos at design school, Lucy decided to self record her first full length album ‘Ancestry’ in a church founded by her ancestors in the Brecon Beacons, Wales. Under the guise ‘LosFeliz’, the album was picked up by Union Music Label, and launched her into a solo tour of the UK and beyond. 

After receiving national press reviews, and plays of her “luminous music with great heart” on BBC radio, Lucy went on to support artists such as Laura Veirs, Anna Burch and Tiny Ruins on their UK tours and is now preparing her full band to promote the release of her sophomore album.

Eighth announcement:

Hattie Cooke is a solo artist and composer (Brighton, UK) who has been writing and performing since the age of 17. In 2016 she released her eponymous debut album with Third Kind Records. Having supported a number of acclaimed songwriters including RM Hubbert and Jeffrey Lewis, Hattie Cooke has garnered a reputation as a writer of gently crafted melancholic pop and folk songs. 

Hattie has recently released the acclaimed ‘Sleepers’ album, an imaginary soundtrack that she will be performing for us.

Plus Acid Box DJs

Based in Brighton, music enthusiasts and founders of Acid Box Promotions, Polly Miles and Ollie Thomas will be spinning a variety of garage rock, post-punk, psychedelia and heavy fuzz as well as forays into electronic and world music on the night. They have a driving passion for underground and experimental music, making sure the free spirit of rock’n’roll is introduced and passed on to the next generation.