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Marina Celeste

Tuesday 26th May 2015

Zrazy + Laura and the Bass + DJ Grant

At Komedia (Studio)

Doors 7:30 pm

Price £8 / £10

Beautifully crafted French pop and electro from Nouvelle Vague’s recent lead vocalist Marina Celeste.

Melting Vinyl is extremely excited to welcome to the Komedia: Marina Celeste from Nouvelle Vague!
Marina is one of the lead vocalists with French musical collective Nouvelle Vague, who are known for their bossa-nova interpretations of punk-rock, post-punk and new-wave songs. Her own contributions have included a duet with The Specials’ Terry Hall on a cover of Our Lips Are Sealed.

The Komedia will provide an ideal setting for the Nouvelle Vague vocalist to unveil her new album “PUNKY LADY” unreleased yet so as an exclusivity to discover. Backed by an excellent guitarist and, at times, synthetic backing tapes, the new songs were a mix of dreamy Gallic pop, breezy jazz numbers and Pet Shop Boys influenced electro. Very much the classic French sex kitten, her breathy voice sang of love, aging and feminism – on a jaunty rock n roll number. The new covers will surprise you, while the subtle acoustic numbers even silenced those who’d just come for a chat.

“With her classic beauty and a confidence that builds at alarming rates as the hour-long set goes on, it’s very hard not to be transfixed by her.” – Gutter Magazine

Zrazy are based in Dublin, Ireland. Formed by vocalist Maria Walsh and pianist, saxophonist Carole Nelson, Zrazy are in the forefornt of contemporary irish jazz/world music. “glorious free-spirited jazz” – Irish Times

Laura and the Bass
Czech gentleman and his Scandinavian mistress plucking away.

DJ Grant
Influenced by John Peel’s show, Hove native Grant has been a music lover his whole life. He started putting on gigs, starting in his parents’ kitchen in Davigdor Road, with artists such as Popguns, Blow Up, and Jane Fox from the Marine Girls. He also set up his own record label, La-di-da records, releasing music by How Many Beans Make 5, John Cunningham and Dead Famous People. Grant was also the one who opened up Church Road Studios with Julian Tardo. The studio is still going strong, having recently been the place Fear Of Men recorded their debut album ‘Loom’.