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Synesthesia: Brighton x Japan

Sunday 1st February 2015

At Gallery 40

Doors 9:00 am

Price FREE

Studio Am presents:
Tuesday 27th January – Sunday 1st February
9am – 5pm

Local artists’ superbly creative exhibition which will be presenting their take on Brighton and Japan.

Synesthesia is an exhibition that grew out of Moshimo’s Brighton Japan Festival. Studio Am works with Moshimo on all aspects of branding the festival and had the idea of a poster project based on the theme of Brighton and Japan. As the festival was on hiatus for 2014 and Studio Am wanted to progress with the project, they decided to go ahead with it under the name synesthesia. Synesthesia is the phenomenon in which stimulation of one sense leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sense. Our long term vision is to involve creativity across all the senses, working with sound, sculpture, food and drink across different themes, but always with a combination of two subjects. The idea ultimately ending up with lots of crossovers and experimentation between artists and disciplines.

For Studio Am’s first exhibition they have invited some exceptional local artists to present their take on Brighton and Japan. You’ll be able to see posters by Pablo Alvarez, Dany Carlyle, Graham Carter, Sam Chivers, Matthew Douthwaite, Andy Ford, Jon Howe, Jim Howells, Leigh Pearce, Will Scobie, Rich Wilkinson and even one by Studio Am.

Each A2 poster is limited to a signed edition of three and will be for sale for £125, from the show itself and online (posters are unframed and any postage is additional).

All proceeds will go The Fed a local charity Studio Am work closely with, which is led by disabled people offering advice and support to live independently in Brighton and Hove.

Melting Vinyl are providing the musical soundtrack to this exhibition, look out for it on the MV spotify

Studio Am will be working on further events, such as working with Moshimo at this year’s Brighton Japan in September.