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Posted June 27th 2013

Time To Look At July..!

Our 4-shows-in-a-week-week came to a glorious end on Friday with the amazing Ron Sexsmith at St George’s Church, and what a beautiful way to end the week. Ron had some audience members in tears and some dancing in the aisles! Bringing his new fantastic album Forever Endeavour to our sunny shores he also did a beautiful cover of Elvis Costello’s ‘Every Day I Write The Book’. Wonderful show. Ron, don’t be a stranger; come back and visit us soon.

Two reviews in from two of our shows last week thanks to our mates at Brighton Noise too! Brighton’s very own The Electric Soft Parade made their long awaited return after 6 years to The Green Door Store with an absolute bang. Read all about it here!

Next is Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks. The Green Door Store was only their third live show worldwide and they did not disappoint. As Brighton Noise say, Avey Tare know how to put on a good show, read why here.

Which turns our attention to our July shows! The explosive Two Gallants bring their triumphant return to Brighton after a multi year break after overcoming the lure of solo projects. To have an idea what to expect, they’ve just released a new live video for you! Click here to watch the live ‘My Madonna’. Tickets for Two Gallants at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar are available here!

Next show in July we welcome back the absolutely wonderfully dreamy Dark Dark Dark. After an incredible performance at last year’s Proud Cabaret Ballroom, they bring ‘Who Needs Who’ to The Blind Tiger Club. They recently filmed an acoustic session for They Shoot Music at WUK on a beautiful old staircase in Vienna with their song ‘How It Went Down’. Amazing! Watch the video here.

Also in July in Ashford, Charlatan front man Tim Burgess plays the Create Music Festival’s Friday Night Sound Check! Back in November, Tim brought his new solo album ‘Oh No I Love You’ to Coalition with limited addition 7″ White single vinyls. Know the single we’re talking about? Listen here. Lets all keep our fingers crossed he does that again! Tickets are available from here!

Timings for our Devendra Banhart will be on our Twitter and Facebook tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled. This show is completely and utterly SOLD OUT!